Remove Malware From Your Website Quickly And Easily

If your website is blacklisted by Google, it is infected with malware. Google blacklists over nine thousand websites each day, and the number of compromised websites is growing. Hacking is big business for profit. If your site has malware, you may feel frustrated, and your first inclination may be to attempt to repair the damage yourself as fast as possible. Cleaning your site sounds like a quick and easy solution. The internet offers numerous cookie cutter directions that over simplify the process of removing malware. The problem is that if you are not familiar with the steps involved and the terminology, there is a good chance that you will not be successful and cause more damage to your site that will incur additional cost in repair. Some well-meaning individuals have totally crashed their sites beyond repair. It can happen!

The easiest way to cleanup website malware is to hire to remove the malware and have your site back online in 24-48 hours. These experienced technicians can repair any website including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others. They not only remove the malware but also hardened sites against future attacks. This added level of protection is their commitment to customers.

There are some significant consequences for not removing the malware as soon as possible. When customers see that your site is blacklisted, they may be concerned that the infectious code will damage their computer. User confidence in your business is damaged, not to mention your reputation. Your rankings in the search engine are often affected. Sometimes it takes a significant amount of time and money to recover rankings. This website malware removal service will have your website back on-line, and you will not have to deal with all the anxiety of trying to repair the site yourself.

WordPress Malware Removal And Prevention Tips

WordPress is a very popular platform among web designers all over the world and because of the high volume of use, many hackers find the WordPress platform attractive. There are millions of websites that are using WordPress and millions of vulnerable sites as well. It takes very little knowledge to hack a vulnerable WordPress site. You can actually learn how on YouTube.

By following a few security tips, you can protect your website from these unscrupulous individuals. The most important thing to do is always update WordPress to the latest version. You can easily update your website to the latest WordPress version, by logging into your WordPress site then on the left hand side under dashboard click updates. We also suggest you keep plugins and themes updated to their latest versions. Most new WordPress and plugin versions contain security patches. These updates  ensure that the security of their software does not continue to be compromised. When everything is updated and you have a secure password WordPress is a very strong platform.

You want to make it as hard as possible for hackers to gain enter to your site. The default username on WordPress installations is “admin”.  Many people generally do not change the username which is a mistake. Half the battle is won for hackers if they see that your username is “admin”. There are many tutorials on YouTube that will show you how to change your usernames.

The next security tip is to chose a complex password. Avoid simple words that are easy to remember, and any type of personal information such as your name, birthday, age, etc. These hackers are WordPress professionals, and you must make every effort to keep your website from being compromised. When you change your password you can let WordPress create a secure password for you. This is recommended.

If you are one of the millions of people that has been hacked, we suggest a service that will remove the malware and harden your website for you. For more information visit their site at , and you can also take a look at their Facebook page as well . They have a proven track record and offer a 100% guarantee or your money back. We have been very satisfied with their services.

Malware Protection Is Essential For WordPress Migration

wordpress servicesIt’s already Friday afternoon and I am sitting in my office looking out the window wondering if I will get any time off this weekend? Beach parties this time of year bring a new level to excessive, insane fun. Actually, I am looking forward to the hang-over.

Coming back to the real world, lately, I have been getting serious complaints about the speed of our e-commerce WordPress websites. These are money makers for the company and they have to work twenty-four seven. I should know, I built each and everyone of these from scratch trying to represent the perfect image of my company and the benefits of the professional services we offer to clients.

About  a year after we went online, we experienced all types of erratic behavior on our WordPress e-commerce sites, malware and virus programs put us down. We managed to find a professional service that saved us from down-time, they helped us with WordPress malware removal you can visit them at

However, this time it is not malware, the slow sites are due to the hosting service starting to flake out. Trying to call their tech service is useless, two hour hold times. You have to remember that whatever problem you are having, so is everyone else. What can I do to solve this problem? New hosting makes sense to me, but it it not easy at it seems. Transferring thousands of files makes me nervous, even if I knew what I was doing. Just think if you lost all the website files, that would be depressing, I guess I could look for a new job.

We contacted a few services, but found WordPress Migration Services the most professional. We suggest using . They took complete control and by Monday morning the sites were moved to a new hosting service. Our sites are running at least 5 times faster than before and we are really grateful to be back up and running.