Malware Protection Is Essential For WordPress Migration

wordpress servicesIt’s already Friday afternoon and I am sitting in my office looking out the window wondering if I will get any time off this weekend? Beach parties this time of year bring a new level to excessive, insane fun. Actually, I am looking forward to the hang-over.

Coming back to the real world, lately, I have been getting serious complaints about the speed of our e-commerce WordPress websites. These are money makers for the company and they have to work twenty-four seven. I should know, I built each and everyone of these from scratch trying to represent the perfect image of my company and the benefits of the professional services we offer to clients.

About  a year after we went online, we experienced all types of erratic behavior on our WordPress e-commerce sites, malware and virus programs put us down. We managed to find a professional service that saved us from down-time, they helped us with WordPress malware removal you can visit them at

However, this time it is not malware, the slow sites are due to the hosting service starting to flake out. Trying to call their tech service is useless, two hour hold times. You have to remember that whatever problem you are having, so is everyone else. What can I do to solve this problem? New hosting makes sense to me, but it it not easy at it seems. Transferring thousands of files makes me nervous, even if I knew what I was doing. Just think if you lost all the website files, that would be depressing, I guess I could look for a new job.

We contacted a few services, but found WordPress Migration Services the most professional. We suggest using . They took complete control and by Monday morning the sites were moved to a new hosting service. Our sites are running at least 5 times faster than before and we are really grateful to be back up and running.

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